Speedo Bounce FIx

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Tue Nov 14 16:40:41 EST 2006

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pjrose at frontiernet.net writes:

In fact  my IC required two people to remove it, one to pull strongly upward 
on the  edge of the dashboard lip, while the other person rotated the IC and 
and  pulled it out. I surmised that this groove probably was the damage 
inflicted  by my pounding the top of the dashboard (dozens of times) to temporarily  
"correct" various intermittent electrical glitches.  Treat your Audi  nicely 
or she'll bite you in the ass (or the IC). ;-)

Wow, that is definitely more of an ordeal than mine.....I started at  
noon-ish, about 3 hrs later it wasn't out and I was hot/sweaty/pissed. The next  day, 
after immeasurable help from various lists I was able to get it  out pretty 
easily [proper attitiude, me and the IC]....when it got to the  correct N/S/E/W 
position it pretty much jumped out. 
Does it get any easier the next time[s]? Did you remove the steering wheel? 

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