steering wheel removal

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Thanks for the info, I ordered a new connector from the stealer.  I was
able to remove the melted connector. My concern was access to the
connector sounds like I can remove knee panel and snip some zip ties and
pull the wire bundle out for access.  The connector was like $12 and the
pins were $4-$8 depending on the size. I opted not to order any pin
connectors, I have an extra switch assembly.  This mainly makes me wish
I had installed fog lamps to combat the SUV onslaught of above car
height fog lamp usage during normal nite driving.  Then I could get by
with city driving lites and fog lamps during the repair phase.

There was significant corrosion on this wire.  I am thinking 290K miles
of driving this wire gets insulation embrittlement.  Insulation comes
off, corrosion starts, heat builds as corrosion increases resistance,
one nite meltdown occurs, lites off suddenly on precarious corner at hi
speed on mtn road.......could be not fun

Anyway the first bundle zip tie broke upon just a light touch. So other
plastic components prolly aren't very solid anymore.

Fwiw-  this occurrence was preceded by a noticeable decrease in low beam
illumination.  I did not measure lumens but it was noticeable to naked
eye during nite driving.  This lasted about two weeks before meltdown.
This was probably preventable by PM of caig deoxit and reinsulation of
wire or relaying headlamps.  I have run euro lites for over 200K w/o
relay, and was getting great voltage at the headlamps.

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No need to remove the steering wheel.  Take off the knee panel under the
steering wheel (couple screws behind the dash endcap, another under the
steering column and a fourth down by the brake pedal) and undo the
holding the top of the switch surround (two Phillips heads from
the surround).  That'll get you adequate access to the connector so you
work it off the switch.    

Of course, if the plastic has melted off the connector, it's worked its
onto the studs on the switch, so you'll need to clean that off too.  I
found a replacement connector by purchasing a lights pigtail from
and figured out how to take it apart using a couple little screwdrivers
very carefully so I could fix this problem on our V8 #1 by splicing in a
clean piece of wire and replacing the connector.  

You want to make relaying the headlights part of this repair.

At 02:30 PM 11/20/2006 -0500, Schaible, David wrote:
>My headlamp wire finally melted the connector down on the switch
>assembly.  I believe easiest path to deal with this is to remove
>steering wheel.  Any btdt tips are appreciated, will be removing this

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