Brake Upgrade for 91 200 20V

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Tue Nov 21 16:13:17 EST 2006

Look at the BIRA brakes site they have some options.
THe UFO's are improvment over the G60's, but you must take care of them.

Chuck Pierce
91 200 20V Avant

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>UFOs would also be an upgrade from your status.
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>> I recall reading about an upgrade for the G60 brakes that involved Porsche
>> 993TT calipers, RS2 adapter brackets, longer SS jacket hoses, and larger
>> rotors.  I can't find any info on sjm or cjmiller sites, and have gotten
>> tired of looking back through the audifans knowledge base.  Does anyone have
>> part number info/sources for this upgrade?  I already have the 17 inch
>> wheels so that shouldn't be an issue.
>> Mike in Burbank
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