Lurker Falls Off The Wagon......Avant that is.

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Wed Nov 22 19:51:14 EST 2006

Thanks Brett that's good to know. I'm actually hoping I will eventually be  
able to get the service records from Euromotorworks in Indy that serviced the  
car. There is supposedly a 2-inch thick folder of records there on this car.  
I've done a brief visual on the brakes and from what I can see it has a brand  
new master cyl., rear calipers have gold cad plating and no rust, UFO rotors 
( I  have no idea what I'm looking at here) appear new (smooth satin black 
finish  with no rust whatsoever.) E-brake has very little play and car rolls 
immediately  when it is released. Brake light goes out immediately upon start up. 
Once I get  the service records I'll know for sure but everything seems to be 
in great shape  on the brakes. Car also has the second best pedal feel of any 
car I've driven.  (First was a 1992 Carrera C2). I'm thinking this car might 
be too nice to drive  in the snow and salt but that would hardly be right for a 
quattro would  it?
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On Nov  22, 2006, at 1:29 AM, Bernie Benz wrote:

>  Disassemble and  clean all calipers and bleed all the fluid.

Be VERY careful with the  guide pin boot on the UFO caliper.  They are  
not available from  anywhere.  They can be pried off if you are  
extremely careful-  but have some superglue or similar ready to repair   

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