Thermostat Replacement

CLAG500 at CLAG500 at
Fri Nov 24 20:12:09 EST 2006

Hey Guys,
       My thermostat is starting to show  signs of being stuck. (Too cold 
when moving too warm when stopped). I actually  finally got 1.8 bar on the boost 
gauge for the first time today while it was  warmed up a bit in traffic and 60 
degrees ambient. So I'm thinking the t-stat  might be limiting my boost a bit 
under less ideal conditions.
   Couple of questions. First off, I saw on  that they have 
2 t-stats. One that is a Wahler. Is this the same as  the OEM? And one that 
says aftermarket. I'm inclined to go with the aftermarket  one if the Wahler is 
OEM as the only thing for sure about them is that they will  fail (at least 
they stick partially open). There isn't much of a price  difference so if the 
Wahler is better I'd get it. I'm thinking any non-oem  t-stat has to be better 
than the originals.
  Second question. How can I change the t-stat without flooding the  
alternator with coolant? Looks like it's going to get soaked if I pull the  t-stat 
housing. Do I need to make some kind of cover to divert the coolant  over it? Do 
I just let the coolant drop on top of it and it won't hurt it?  (don't like 
this idea too much). Is there a way to ensure al of the coolant is  out of the 
system so I can pull the t-stat with no drips? Seems like there is  always 
coolant behind the t-stat no matter how well you drain.
Any BTDTs appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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