Thermostat Replacement

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Sun Nov 26 17:51:11 EST 2006

Thanks guys. I ended up just going for the thermostat when I realized  it was 
the a/c compressor below it and not the alternator. Pretty tough job as  far 
as t-stat replacements go. Was able to catch most of the coolant and took  
about 2 gal to re-fill with new so I assume most of it came out. 
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The  easiest  way to drain off some coolant, in my humble opinion, is to
loosen  the  heater hose at the back of the engine, passenger side. This is
the   Bentley recommendation.  Recovering the coolant is futile, so   be
prepared to put in fresh coolant. 

I agree, but, that  doesn't get all of it. The lower hose on the aux  
will  complete the task. It's a bit of a bugger to access without taking  the 
front end off but can be  done.


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