major oil leak!

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Sun Nov 26 19:46:46 EST 2006

I would check the oil pressure sender and 1.8 bar oil pressure sender.
If I am correct the 1.8 bar sender is closest  to the front of the 
engine, down under the PS pump
Both are on the left side under the intake manifold.
It is possible one of them died and is letting oil through their bodies.
With the oil pressure fluctuating that would be a good place to start 
Since you had to add engine oil I do not think it would be the PS pump.

Chuck Pierce
91 200 20v Avant

Bernie Benz wrote:

>On that side, sounds like the PS pump. What kind of oil is it?
>>From: PeterBergin at
>>Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2006 17:49:18 EST
>>To: 200q20v at
>>Subject: major oil leak!
>>Hi guys, my 91 avant just sprung a major oil leak.  Car has always  been bone
>>dry underneath. Spotted a small drip under the car before I left work  today,
>>thought it was one of the PS hoses.  Drove home (about 20 miles) and  notice
>>the oil pressure gauge bouncing around between 2.5 and 4 bar, (normally  5).
>>Got home and was down two quarts, added and started the car,  notice al little
>>lifter noise.  Oil is running out in a steady stream on  the front left side,
>>above the pan gasket, near a sensor that is hard to see  behind some hoses.
>>But definitely on the front left.
>>Any ideas?
>>91 Avant
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