Battery Drain

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Nov 29 13:22:59 EST 2006

On Nov 29, 2006, at 12:15 PM, Kneale Brownson wrote:

> I've had a brand new battery in my new-to-me 200q20v for several  
> months.
> Worked perfectly for me when I ran the car long enough to drive it  
> onto the
> hoist the barn when I bought it.  It's been sitting on the hoist  
> ever since
> with the negative cable disconnected

> Should a new battery go
> dead sitting like that?

Yep, especially since you didn't charge it (sounds like) when you  
bought it.  Unless the battery dealer sells a lot of batteries and  
that battery was not on the shelf for long, or they're a good dealer  
and keep stock on a float charger, it wasn't fully charged.

Lead acid batteries naturally self-discharge, and depending on the  
temperature, the rate can vary from "weeks or less" (hot summer) to  
~2 months in the cold.  Warning: dead batteries FREEZE, as the  
freezing point of the electrolyte RISES as the battery discharges!  A  
battery may LOOK ok, but inside the plates may be damaged from the  

Best way to recoup it (supposedly) is to put it on a very slow charge  
(half to one amp) at least until it is near 13v; then put it on a  
microprocessor-controlled charger on one of its lower power  
settings.  Ie, charge pattern should match the discharge pattern.   
Then leave it on a regulated "maintenance" (float) charger like the  
Battery Tender or similar.


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