Euro lights-$$???

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Wed Nov 29 19:22:40 EST 2006

Peters just saying that because I have some tightly wound paperweights of 
his!  The last person I know who paid retail typ 44 euros were over $600 a 
side.  That when the $ was closer to $1.10 to the euro vs the current $1.32! 
  The reflectors are NLA as far as  far as I know and were selling for over 
$100 per pair when last avail.  $400 for an average pair seems to be market 
IME.  Still have an NOS pass side for the needy at way off retail.

From: Steve Hauptmann <vwaudiporschefan at>
Subject: Euro lights-$$???

Anyone have any idea what a pair of euro's sell for these days? Can you 
get them (incl reflectors) for $600 + shipping?

Trying to get an idea what my used pair is worth.

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