Euro lights-$$???

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Wed Nov 29 22:52:05 EST 2006

From: Mike Del Tergo
Quite true, did a GB for(what haven't I done a GB for? ;^)) UrQ smoked tail 
lights longer ago than I thought, about 4+ years.  They have doubled in cost 
since then and my unmounted set in the basement was sold.  Of course the 
last NOS set I sold this year (with electric adjusters) was for $750.  Hard 
to justify $1,200 for headlights for 16 year old car, IMHO vs ~$400 used for 
the same utility if not quite the same bling factor!


When it takes only  $3000 or less in repairs to total our cars, $1200 in 
headlights certainly adds up quickly. When I hit the deer 18 months ago, the 
$500+ cost of a single headlight was a determining factor in totalling the 
car. Hood, Intercooler (and support brackets), headlight and grill was all 
it took. $450 to buy it back as salvage. Seemed a worth while buy with $1k 
in stereo, aftermarket wheels, 1 good Euro, etc. Not to mention 300 miles on 
new clutch,timing belt and heater blower motor + a few other things.

mike in montana 

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