Burning Oil???

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 19:04:44 EDT 2006

I just got my Avant in February with 228k, now 231k and I'm running
Rotella 15W40 in it year round (Colorado Springs).  It had a fairly
steady diet of Castrol Syntec 20W50 from '97 and about 50k.  The only
oil use I can detect is I believe out of the front crank seal.

I'm using Rotella 15w40 dino oil in all 5 of my Audis year round
because it just got too expensive and too hard to remember what/when,
etc. for seasonal changes combined with mileage relevant changes so
I'm doing 3-5k no matter the season.

If it drops to much below zero I may have some trouble, but I'll
probably have planned on that and have the one car with a block heater
home and plugged in, just in case.

85 urq shows 88k, but broke and no records so ???
87 cgt ng  140k
90 v8q auto 133k
91 v8q stick 142k
91 avant 231k

On 10/2/06, Bernie Benz <b.benz at charter.net> wrote:
> Nothing wrong with dino oil in these cars. That¹s all my car has ever seen
> in its 210K and it gets no topping off between 10K oil and 20K filter
> changes. You could use a higher viscosity, 10-40 or 15-50, but won¹t solve
> your problem.
> Derek, If you drive under boost all the time you don¹t need intake valve
> stem seals! Brakes maybe.
> > From: "Derek Pulvino" <dbpulvino at hotmail.com>
> > Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2006 15:42:58 -0700
> > To: David.Schaible at jrspharma.com, b.benz at charter.net
> > Cc: 200q20v at audifans.com
> > Subject: RE: Burning Oil???
> >
> > David,
> >
> > I've always run dino oil in the car, albeit maybe not always the best
> > viscosity for the temp range.  Right now running 10w-30.  Oil temps have
> > always been the same, with the temp needle never getter past maybe 1/4 to
> > 1/3 from the left of the gauge (can't remember that temp at this point).
> >
> > Yes Bernie, same story, different day.  I've hesitated on addressing the
> > issue given the effort/money factor to accomplish said goal. Also heard that
> > replacing the seals only does not always fix oil consumption problems.
> > Aggravating the situation...older the car gets the less sense major work
> > like this makes.  And like I'd mentioned...only times I ever see visible
> > signs of oil burning is on start up and these three long term, traffic
> > related idleing excercises.
> >
> > Derek P
> >
> >>
> >> Sounds like oil viscosity reduction due to heat as well.  didn't you just
> >> switch to dino oil? What is the grade? Oil temps? Etc.
> >>

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