high-output alternators?

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 12:40:46 EDT 2006

I went through all my records for my 231k Avant and I can't find
anything showing that the alternator was ever replaced, which I find
rather suspect, but nevertheless, in both this and my previous '91
Avant, I never had a problem with power draw, even before the alt in
my previous one bit the dust.  Not sure I see the need for a high amp
alt for a stock vehicle.  Even both my V8's seem to be ok with healthy
stock alternators.


On 10/4/06, Mark R <speedracer.mark at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've run some LARGE stereo system off of stock GTiVR6 120 (130?) Amp
> alternators.  Used a gel battery to lower the resistance, and installed ALL
> new high-end, heavy guage primary wiring.  I define the primary wiring as
> the alternator to battery, battery to starter, and/or alternator to
> starter.  Also, if the battery isn't your major load distribution point...
> also to that point (fuse box, etc.)
> The stock primary wiring of older VWs and Audis was very minimal.  Not a
> higher-end rope-lay contrruction by any means.  Wire size isn't the only
> specification.  Also, the older VWs and Audis have primary wiring where the
> sheath isn't bonded to the wire, so moisture could wick up inside.  I've
> replaced a lot of VW primary wiring where the corrosion wasn't detected with
> an resistance test (no-load) or visually... it was 1-2" up inside the wire.
> I'm not saying the alternator does't have an issue.  I just agree that
> replacement of primary wiring is a smart upgrade with any older VW or Audi.
> Mark Rosenkrantz
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