Burning Oil?

Huppert, Eric eric.huppert at us.army.mil
Wed Oct 4 13:11:22 EDT 2006

Derek, Bernie, Jeff...
I also have a similar problem with my 91 200 20V...
Upon starting car and allowing to idle it will start to smoke. Definitly oil!
If you drive it for a short distance it clears up fairly quickly. If the car
is parked for apx a half hour it while smoke upon startup, then clear up once
again. If you drive in stop and go traffic initially it will contine to smoke
for a bit.
No smoke on decel (high vacuam situation) 
Not much in the way of oil residue in the IC, hoses, intake etc etc. If i
shut the car off while it's smoking and pull plugs, normal plug color.
I really suspect the exhaust side turbo seals are failing and oil is finding
it's way into the exhaust. Smokes pretty good when first driving, believe the
exces oil is burning in the exhaust, cats, etc.
Guess i need to pull the down pipe after letting it idle and see how the hot
side looks...

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