NAAC Winter driving school 2007: side activity ideas?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Oct 5 12:11:12 EDT 2006

Hey all!  The new North Atlantic (ME, NH, MA, RI) ACNA chapter has  
scheduled two winter driving schools at the Tim O'neil rally school  
facility, January 27-28 and February 17-18.  It's up in the  
Franconia, NH area.

I've suggested to fellow board members that we see about side  
activities; maybe something Friday night like watching rally movies,  
or even take it further with organized stuff to do Friday, Sunday  
evening, or Monday (Saturday there's usually a 'banquet' in the  
hotel.)  I thought I'd ask on Audifans and Audiworld to see what  
potential attendees would be interested in, and bring those ideas  
back to the board and volunteers for further discussion.

Anyone?  All ears!


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