Burning Oil?

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I was not trying to insinuate that you didn't know not to overfill your oil but it is easier than you may think.  I have built Porsche engines from the bottom up and have a great deal of knowledge about engines but I did overfill my oil on the 200 once by about a 1/4 quart and had the smoke at start-up like you are describing.  I have never seen a motor that was that sensitive to a slight amount of over filling before.  

In most of my Porsches it is generally recommended to overfill by as much as a 1/2 quart when running on the track to prevent oil starvation in high speed corners.  This slight overfilling doesn't cause any of my Porsche engines to smoke.  In the 200 if you are even slightly above the full line you can have the smoke at start-up situation.

I don't know why the 200 engine is so sensitive to being slightly above the full line but I have seen others on the list have had the same problem and generally draining the oil so that it is just under the full mark has solved their problem.  Too bad this doesn't appear to be your problem since it is very easy to solve without any consequences. 

Jeff B.

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Bought the car in early May, put almost 12k on it since then. At the time i
was commuting 160 rt plus normal everyday runs!
Previous owner (ebay deal!) stated the car had sat for about six months and
didn't have this issue prior. Upon picking it up i worked on it for several
weeks clearing up vacuam line issues and all the other typical 44 problems
(to include TB and WP). Fairly well sorted out now, excepting the smokey idle
situation. (Now i just need to install the chips i got from Ben S.!)
Oil consumption is less than a quart over 3 to 4k. Car has almost 230K so not
overly concerned with losing a quart! No oil leaks.. 
Little difficult to bite my tongue on the oil overfill comment. Was a
mechanic by trade (2 yr degree), still do my own work at home. Third type 44,
sold my chipped 87 5000 to my son with almost 400k, my 90 200TQ i still have
with almost 320k... Rehabbed a 5000 for one of my sons that i'd bought as a
parts car with a supposed bad trans, turned out to be a simple linkage
issue...  But, thinking i did give limited info for you to work
Posted this problem quite some time ago... Only smokes when cold, once warm
there's no smoke. No smoke on decel/back on the throttle. So, smoke is not
vacuam dependent. Had pulled the mm house and ic after it was smoking, no
great amount of oil present. If it was the cold side i would have seen some
oil. If it was the seals it woud most likely leak all the time.
As previously stated, need to get it loaded up at idle and pull the down pipe
and or turbo and see if there's any telltale signs... (probably should do it
soon, NY is getting a little cooler and it's a PITA to work in the garage!)
Cheers, Eric


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You don't mention how long you have had your problem and you don't mention
how much oil consumption you are having so I can't say if your problem is
related to what Derek is experiencing.  If your problem is fairly recent and
no noticeable oil consumption then I would suspect that you may have your oil
level too high.  Having the oil level too high will give you the exact
symptoms that you are describing.  This is common situation especially after
changing the oil and is easily solved by draining some oil out of the engine.

Jeff B. 

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