Oil catch can? PICTURES

J Sweet jsweet at ml1.net
Mon Oct 9 00:07:49 EDT 2006

Questioning the smoke on decel after this installation. Why would it show
now rather than before? Possible the catch can is not allowing enough flow
through the inlet/outlet orifices?


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So, what¹s the diff, and your point?

> From: "J Sweet" <jsweet at ml1.net>
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> Here they are:
> http://www.parisautoworks.com/random/stock.jpg     <---- stock hose
> http://www.parisautoworks.com/random/can.jpg   <----- catch can routing
> -Jerome
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> From: J Sweet [mailto:jsweet at ml1.net]
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> Subject: Oil catch can?
> Hey guys, I just installed an oil catch can on the 20v for various
> Now, I notice on decel it will smoke. This happens ONLY after boosting 
> (ie, 2nd gear punch it to 5000 rpm or so, then decel). If I drive to 4 
> or 5k without boost then decel it wont do it. Im confused on what 
> changed besides the can in-line. I did change the size of the breather 
> hose but I doubt that would cause this. Any ideas? Im leaning for a 
> new turbo.. Ill post a diagram of how I routed it.
> -Jerome
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