Burning Oil?

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I also slightly overfilled my 200TQ when I took it to the track since it was the conventional wisdom of others who were tracking their UrS4's.  I never had any problem other than the smoking and that cleared up immediately after removing a the extra half a quart of oil.

It is amazing how the 200TQ responds on R compound tires but it was also amazing how fast the car could eat the tires up due to its heavy weight.

Jeff B.

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I actually try to overfill slightly before a track event due to the 
cornering forces but replace the oil right after and fill just to the fill 
line as it is cheap insurance on a fully built/balanced motor. Do you see 
any adverse effects from overfilling aside from some slight smoking? I've 
done everything I can, UrS4 windage tray for left hand corners and custom 
baffle for right hand corners to prevent oil starvation/crankcase breather 
leakage) and generally don't have a problem w/ oil pressure even w/ R 
compound tires. But Portland Raceway doesn't have any really long high G 

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> Eric,
> I was not trying to insinuate that you didn't know not to overfill your 
> oil but it is easier than you may think.  I have built Porsche engines 
> from the bottom up and have a great deal of knowledge about engines but I 
> did overfill my oil on the 200 once by about a 1/4 quart and had the smoke 
> at start-up like you are describing.  I have never seen a motor that was 
> that sensitive to a slight amount of over filling before.
> In most of my Porsches it is generally recommended to overfill by as much 
> as a 1/2 quart when running on the track to prevent oil starvation in high 
> speed corners.  This slight overfilling doesn't cause any of my Porsche 
> engines to smoke.  In the 200 if you are even slightly above the full line 
> you can have the smoke at start-up situation.
> I don't know why the 200 engine is so sensitive to being slightly above 
> the full line but I have seen others on the list have had the same problem 
> and generally draining the oil so that it is just under the full mark has 
> solved their problem.  Too bad this doesn't appear to be your problem 
> since it is very easy to solve without any consequences.
> Jeff B.
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> Gentlemen,
> Bought the car in early May, put almost 12k on it since then. At the time 
> i
> was commuting 160 rt plus normal everyday runs!
> Previous owner (ebay deal!) stated the car had sat for about six months 
> and
> didn't have this issue prior. Upon picking it up i worked on it for 
> several
> weeks clearing up vacuam line issues and all the other typical 44 problems
> (to include TB and WP). Fairly well sorted out now, excepting the smokey 
> idle
> situation. (Now i just need to install the chips i got from Ben S.!)
> Oil consumption is less than a quart over 3 to 4k. Car has almost 230K so 
> not
> overly concerned with losing a quart! No oil leaks..
> Little difficult to bite my tongue on the oil overfill comment. Was a
> mechanic by trade (2 yr degree), still do my own work at home. Third type 
> 44,
> sold my chipped 87 5000 to my son with almost 400k, my 90 200TQ i still 
> have
> with almost 320k... Rehabbed a 5000 for one of my sons that i'd bought as 
> a
> parts car with a supposed bad trans, turned out to be a simple linkage
> issue...  But, thinking i did give limited info for you to work
> with!....haha!
> Posted this problem quite some time ago... Only smokes when cold, once 
> warm
> there's no smoke. No smoke on decel/back on the throttle. So, smoke is not
> vacuam dependent. Had pulled the mm house and ic after it was smoking, no
> great amount of oil present. If it was the cold side i would have seen 
> some
> oil. If it was the seals it woud most likely leak all the time.
> As previously stated, need to get it loaded up at idle and pull the down 
> pipe
> and or turbo and see if there's any telltale signs... (probably should do 
> it
> soon, NY is getting a little cooler and it's a PITA to work in the 
> garage!)
> Cheers, Eric
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> Eric,
> You don't mention how long you have had your problem and you don't mention
> how much oil consumption you are having so I can't say if your problem is
> related to what Derek is experiencing.  If your problem is fairly recent 
> and
> no noticeable oil consumption then I would suspect that you may have your 
> oil
> level too high.  Having the oil level too high will give you the exact
> symptoms that you are describing.  This is common situation especially 
> after
> changing the oil and is easily solved by draining some oil out of the 
> engine.
> Jeff B.
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