Burning Oil?

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 9 12:37:28 EDT 2006

How long did that job take you?  And I've heard the same about valve 
guides...exhaust going a little quicker than intake.

Derek P

>As for idling in traffic causing a little smoke. I had that symptom and by 
>replacing the exhaust valve guides I fixed the problem. From what I hear, 
>the intake guides don't go bad as quickly as the exhaust ones.
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>>From what you described (smoke on startup and when running cold) it looks
>>like we're having a different thing going on.  While I do get some smoke
>>sometimes right at "startup," or when the cars is cold, the problem I
>>encountered the other day happened after the car sat and idled in traffic
>>for upwards of a half-an-hour.  The "cold" smoke is what I'd say is 
>>for a relatively rich running cold-start car.  The other "startup" smoke
>>usually occurs when restarting a warm car after it's sat for half an hour 
>>an hour.  I've never had the oil burning/smoking condition that I 
>>the other day happen outside of the "idleing a warmed up car for more than
>>10-15 minutes in traffic" situation.  Again that's only happened three
>>times, and again every time it was after idleing in shitty Seattle traffic
>>for longer than normal periods of time.
>>And your oil conusmption is substantially more favorable than mine...I'm 
>>a quart/500-miles or so.

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