Oil alert problem

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If I remember correctly, I had the same problem with my car way back when I 
bought it...in like '99.  Real fun as it was happening on my drive back home 
to Seattle right after I picked the car up in Bend, Oregon. It's not a 
problem with the sensors per se, but an instrument cluster issue that goes 
back to either dirty connections or an intermitent solder joint in the 

Below is a link talking about this issue and fix.


Pretty sure that will straighten your problem out.

Derek P

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>My 91 200 TQ 20V has an annoying problem. The dash display will go off
>sounding the oil alert while driving. Sometimes it goes off on starting 
>a stop usually it occurs during driving. The oil pressure gauge shows 4.5 
>5 bar. The gauge appears to work, the pressure goes down on idle.
>This seemed to be the high oil sending unit. I changed that (the white one)
>to no avail. Any ideas? Any BTDT?
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