Burning Oil?

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 9 15:27:35 EDT 2006

Woops, maybe should have done a little closer reading of that email...

Derek P

>Replacing valve guides requires head removal. A head overhaul, automotive
>machine shop facility. Yes, the exhaust guides tend to wear more than the
>intake guides because they run hotter. When guides are replaced the stem
>seals are always replaced, so unless guide wear is measured and actually
>excessive, it was the seal replacement that likely solved the problem, not
>new guides. Exhaust valve stem sealing is not critical because there is not
>a large pressure diff across the seal as there is across the intake seal,
>which can suck in oil thru a bad seal.
>So, inasmuch as you have to tear down externals to remove the head, before
>doing so one can measure valve guide wear and decide if seal replacement is
>all that is necessary.
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> > How long did that job take you?  And I've heard the same about valve
> > guides...exhaust going a little quicker than intake.
> >
> > Derek P
> >
> >> As for idling in traffic causing a little smoke. I had that symptom and 
> >> replacing the exhaust valve guides I fixed the problem. From what I 
> >> the intake guides don't go bad as quickly as the exhaust ones.
> >>
> >> Patrick

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