Ignition switch failure

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Wed Oct 11 11:09:11 EDT 2006


Be happy that this didn't happen to you on the way home from the 
hospital with a wife and newborn ( as it did for me)


probably more that you want to hear or know.

You will need a new ignition lock cylinder from Audi.
It will come with new keys, which of course wont be the same as your 
existing keys.

A competent locksmith will be able to get the kit ( with replacement 
armored collar) to re key the ignition lock to match your existing key.

Good luck...


At 10:35 AM 10/11/2006, Huppert, Eric wrote:
>Parked yesterday, went to start back up and no starter... Assumed the starter
>bus cable had broken again (new starter in trunk!) and pop started to get

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