Ignition switch failure

nick at beol.net nick at beol.net
Wed Oct 11 11:44:42 EDT 2006

I did this fix on my '90 200tqa.  I reused my existing lock cylinder and  
key, no change needed.  When you have the new assembly in hand (that has  
the good tang on it) look for a tiny drive pin that holds the whole  
together. Remove this pin and swap in your existing lock cylinder.
Once again if Audi would sell this 50 cent or $5 part instead of the whole  
I have a picture if anyone needs to see it.

> underneath the dash!)
> Got the switch out this morning... Low and behold the tang is broken off  
> the
> end of the tumbler assy.
> Looked in the archives, only found a few posts for the 200 20v..
> Suggestions, BTDT?
> Eric
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