Ignition switch failure/now ignition tumbler saga

Huppert, Eric eric.huppert at us.army.mil
Tue Oct 17 12:02:32 EDT 2006

See below!


From: Peter Schulz [mailto:pcschulz at comcast.net]
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Subject: Re: Ignition switch failure/now ignition tumbler saga

At 11:12 AM 10/17/2006, Huppert, Eric wrote
>Attempted to change tumblers from old lock to new. The replacement cyl came
>apart, but unable to get my original cyl to pull out of the housing.

out of the housing that attaches to the steering wheel? or the lock
cylinder itself.  //Already have it out of the housing... Try to get tumbler
assy out of cyl housing//

You need the Bentley electrical book for the 200 to identify where on
the housing to drill to release the cylinder.

>Took it to a locksmith, but they're unable to disassemble also. Know other
>listers have gone this route, any BTDT? Tricks???
>Will try another locksmith later if no definitive responses!
>Thanks, Eric
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