Trailer hitch

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Fri Oct 20 14:41:14 EDT 2006

For a 200q20v, you want the specific hitch that fits if you don't want to
build your own.  You can't "save" money by buying one for a 5k car, for
example, which is what I did.  I ended up having to cut one of the endpipes
off the rear muffler and cut my bumper cover (no biggie, but, still....) to
get the cheap version to fit.  A 200q20v/V8 version by da'lan
will fit, although it'll require removal of the rear towhook.  If you want
to keep the towhook, you'll have to build your own.

I found etrailer to be a cheaper source than hitchweb.

At 10:13 AM 10/20/2006 -0700, Steve Hauptmann wrote:
>Old topic I know, but I'm in a hurry and getting nowhere fast sifting 
>through the archives. Sure wich I knew how to do a "search".
>Anyway, can anyone give me any info on a decently priced trailer hitch? Ant 
>Anyone have a used one?
>Thanks a bunch,
>Steve Hauptmann
>South Carolina
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