Trailer hitch -200 10v

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Tue Oct 24 11:56:24 EDT 2006

The 10-valve rear muffler and single tailpipe is a lot less wide than the
20-valve rear muffler with dual tailpipes.  I'd think a 5ktq hitch would
fit a 200 mit 10-valve configuration.  I put a 5k hitch on my 200q20v
because it only cost me $50, but I had to cut off and reroute with flexpipe
the passenger side tailpipe.  If I had better welding skills I might have
been able to cobble up something better than the flexpipe to avoid having
the exhaust heating up the plastic of the rear bumper cover.

At 09:01 AM 10/24/2006 -0400, Geraint Lloyd wrote:
>been following the thread a bit,
>can't remember what a 20v exhaust looks like........
>i assume that the 5K hitch will fit a 200 10v
>is this assumption correct?
>I am also curious as to what the difference is going
>to be between
>saloon and wagon hitches
>is there one?
>sorry there's no 20v content
>I guess I'll have to buy another 200 10v to get my
>valve quota up a bit.
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