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I agree it could tow a lot easily, and it's good to hear that it's been,
and being done.  My buddy pulled his dodge diesel truck which was stuck
in the snow with the rally car in tow out with his 10v avant.

I know that the engine on that car is superior to the 6cyl ford truck
I'm using now.  Clutch & tranny, I don't know so good on the truck. The
20v also has bigger front rotors and no drum brakes in the
rear.....however, I'm not up for custom hitch, which would be necessary.

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The 200 20v is capable of towing much more than the factory rating would
be. Not sure about the legalities of that. But I have seen a 200 20v tow
a race car w/ gear that was at least 3300lbs. And it towed that over all
the mountain passes w/ ease. But that was with a custom hitch w/ much
stonger attachments to the body than the Da'lan hitch. I believe the
Da'lan hitch is rated to 2500 lbs towing capacity and 250 lbs tongue


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> Schaible, David schrieb: 
> > What is the tow capacity of the 20v? I want to tow my boat with it
> > the only hitch was the puny dalan. Seems like a 3800lb avant w/
> > Should be able to tow a 3300 lb boat. 
> according to my information the avant is allowed to tow 1700kg on a 
> trailer with a break, or 680kg on a trailer without a break. 
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