Some Electical issues

Leon proleonk at
Fri Oct 27 02:06:44 EDT 2006

Back again. Odd backup/reverse light issue, what I believe are causing
problems with the instrument cluster.
I have taken apart the instrument cluster, and cleaned all the
connections/pins, but have not soldered anything as i saw no obvious
cracked joints or other defects...
As of right now, the glove box light is working (only if the light
switch is on park or full mode, but then the display on the climate
control dies (which worked before i connected the glove box light)).
The under hood light is good, all interior lights work, trunk light,
and the rear lightening for the instrument cluster.
As of right now, I'm trying to figure out the backup lights... as they
are on the same circuit. With both bulbs removed, i get 12v on both
sides. When I insert one bulb, voltage drops down to 0.20v, however,
fuse # 12 still reads steady 12v. Bulbs work fine and light up in the
brake light sockets.

What am i looking at? A grounding problem? The wires for the reverse
lights only have two wires coming in.

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