Trailer hitch -200 10v

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sun Oct 29 12:38:42 EST 2006

On Oct 24, 2006, at 8:22 PM, John S. Lagnese wrote:

> Its also the stopping ability, not just pulling.

With electric or hydraulic brakes, not really; the trailer brakes  
should be sized appropriately for the load.  If the tow vehicle has  
too much braking ability, you'll risk a jackknife.

With a 200q20v, the question is whether the cooling system is up to  
the task of climbing hills with a big load, and whether the  
transmission needs any cooling.  If the radiators can't keep up under  
load, coolant temperature rises and knocking becomes a serious  
concern, particularly since charge air temps will be elevated.

I wouldn't tow with a chipped engine...


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