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Sat Sep 2 15:58:28 EDT 2006

I am trying to find documentation on the following:

This is what we have been told our 1991 200 Quattro 20 valve is not the 
typical 217 hp version. In 1991, they made 57 like mine, of which 50 were sold to 
the public so the other 7 could be raced Sports Car Club of America.  We've 
been told it has approximately 268+ hp, and it came this way from the factory.  
It has not been modified with a chip.

Our 1991 200 Quattro 20 valve has a larger turbocharger.  It takes different 
spark plugs than the 217 hp does, it takes a Bosch F5DPOR.  The timing belt 
for a 217 hp does not fit ours, it takes a belt an inch longer.  It has an 
auxiliary electric water pump that circulates water through the turbocharger in 
addition to a separate oil pump that runs after the engine is shut off to keep 
the turbocharger lubricated and cooled.  It has "Quattro" printed on the rear 
window which a 1990 Audi model had, but other 1991 200 Quattro 20 valves do not. 
 It does not have a cell phone either.

If anyone knows anything about this edition, please let me know.  Or, if your 
217 hp version has any of these features, please let me know as well.

If anyone has any documentation, please let me know.  We're currently working 
with the insurance adjusters and need to document the value of our car.


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