Strut tower brace

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Sat Sep 2 17:38:48 EDT 2006

Hi Matt

We built 9 bars and managed to get them all into the hands of folks that 
wanted one.
If there is enough interest ( 4-5 confirmed folks that want a bar) we 
could do another batch.
I have had very good feed back from those that have gotten around to 
installing theirs.
Charles Doubet has tracked his car and found the bar to make a big 
difference the feel of the car.
Ted Fisher installed his and by putting some pressure into the bar, 
driving the car and then putting more pressure in the bar managed to 
push his passenger side tower out to get rid of most of
the crease that happens on that side.( his car within spec. on alignment 
for the first time since he has owned it ).
This bar we built is the only strut tower bar that addresses the problem 
of the passenger side tower caving in and allowing the problem
to be corrected.

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq 20v Avant

Matt Bolles wrote:

>Does anyone know if the strut tower brace that used the O.E. tower mounts from an UrS-car that Chuck Pierce had made are still around?
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