Elec usage needs (x-post)

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Tue Sep 5 12:40:21 EDT 2006

Sounds like a perfect opportunity to fabricate a bracket for the OEM
alternator located ABOVE the A/C compressor to get it out of the wet and
dirt down below the engine.

At 10:00 AM 9/5/2006 -0600, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>In the middle of swapping the alternator over to the drivers side to
>make room for a 944T intercooler, mounting it (the alt) to the 2B
>bracket under my A/C compressor.  Looks like I have to use the 4kq/CGT
>alternator instead of the 200 20V alt - bummer since the 4kq one is only
>90 A instead of 120 A.  I went to a local place to have the 4kq
>alternator rebuilt and hopefully upgraded to 120 A.  They said
>Anybody know differently?  I am ok with swapping all internals but I
>must retain the mounting housing.
>I am also trying to get a real handle on electrical component
>requirements - any input appreciated.  Here is my list of components -
>several have different stages of use (ie fans, etc) so any knowledge on
>the usage range would be very helpful - 
>I am very very curious what the usage is for the the Cooling Fan Stage 1
>and  _especially_ Stage 2...
>headlights low 160 W
>brights  400W I think
>all other lights (dash, tail, parking etc)  - ?
>Cooling fan (200 20V) Stage 1 - ?
>Stage 2 ?
>Stage 3   500W I think - luckily never needed so far!
>blower motor (off plus 4 settings)
>heated seats (6 settings)
>rear defrost
>wiper motor
>stereo  135 W
>Motronic ECU   ?
>forgetting anything major?
>thanks a ton!
>'84 urquattro 20Vt
>'01.5 S4
>'98 A4 1.8Tq
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