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yeah thats what I'm trying to do but don't know the wattages...hence my
little list....  so c'mon Dave cough up some numbers for me
1200W won't get very far - luckily things like the 500W fan don't come
on full blast - so I'd really like to know what it uses at Speed 1 or

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Add up all the wattages of the significant players, then divide by 13.5
(typical alt output voltage), and that will give you the total amps
A 90 amp alternator should optimally be able to handle about 1200 watts
of gear before it starts to draw on the battery for backup.
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In the middle of swapping the alternator over to the drivers side to

make room for a 944T intercooler, mounting it (the alt) to the 2B

bracket under my A/C compressor.  Looks like I have to use the 4kq/CGT

alternator instead of the 200 20V alt - bummer since the 4kq one is only

90 A instead of 120 A.  I went to a local place to have the 4kq

alternator rebuilt and hopefully upgraded to 120 A.  They said



Anybody know differently?  I am ok with swapping all internals but I

must retain the mounting housing.


I am also trying to get a real handle on electrical component

requirements - any input appreciated.  Here is my list of components -

several have different stages of use (ie fans, etc) so any knowledge on

the usage range would be very helpful - 


I am very very curious what the usage is for the the Cooling Fan Stage 1

and  _especially_ Stage 2...


headlights low 160 W

brights  400W I think

all other lights (dash, tail, parking etc)  - ?

Cooling fan (200 20V) Stage 1 - ?

Stage 2 ?

Stage 3   500W I think - luckily never needed so far!

blower motor (off plus 4 settings)

heated seats (6 settings)

rear defrost

wiper motor

stereo  135 W

Motronic ECU   ?



forgetting anything major?


thanks a ton!



'84 urquattro 20Vt

'01.5 S4

'98 A4 1.8Tq



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