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don't know anything about them....they claim to have an application for
91 200.  apparently noone has done anything other than h&r springs or
knows squat about the oem springs. I asked this question a while ago and
got zilch.  I was trying to track down this guy who does custom springs,
mostly race applications who can beat the stealer price.........I have
to do something soon.....my car bottoms out with a load of groceries in
the back....the cart boy laughed at me!!!   Wellllll it's not that bad
but I can't load up for holiday and the ride quality is poor.



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Who/what is b&g?





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Help needed for spring upgrade.  My avant springs are toast, I would go
for h&r but don't want to lower the auto.....although now it may 
actually raise the vehicle.....anyway.  factory springs are like $600.
saw b&g springs for around $285, h&r $315.  can I add a spacer to the
spring perches?  Does anyone know of a different vehicle spring that 
would work?  Does anyone know the the factory spring specs?


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