S/S fuel line symptoms

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 16 13:14:26 EDT 2006


A couple of quick questions on your symptoms prior to replacing...were where 
you noticing the smell from?  I've noticed gas odors in my car as well, with 
the smell noted both under the hood at startup and after running sometimes 
near the tank filler door.  The first makes sense to be coming from that 
hose, the second not so much.

What were you noticing?

Derek P

sounds like you too had the fuel smell near the back of the car.  Were y>>
>>At 08:14 AM 9/15/2006 -0700, Steve Hauptmann wrote: > Hi all, > > Have had 
>>a nagging, very small and irritatingly difficult to find fuel >leak on the 
>>braided S/S fuel line that goes from the FPR (Fuel Pressure >Regulator) to 
>>the fuel rail (side closest to the firewall). FWIW, it was >actually 
>>leaking at the crimp, NOT through the S/S portion. Noticed a bit
>>of >dirt accumulating in the area, which led me to notice that it seemed 
>>to be >leaking. This was such a strange thing because I especially noticed 
>>fuel >smell in the trunk. > > Don’t remember how much but seems I remember 
>>that this dealer only (AFAIK)
>> >part was somewhere around $100 and I was looking for a less expensive 
>>fix. > > Well, I ended up cutting the old S/S portion off at the crimp and 
>>much to >my delight, the hard lines on both ends had a barbed extension. 
>>This made >for an easy and inexpensive fix with <$2.00 worth of rubber 
>>fuel line. > > No more fuel smell, anywhere. Very nice. > > Here’s a link 
>>to a few pictures for those who may be interested. Let me >know if there 
>>is any trouble w/ the link. > > 
>>http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/vwaudiporschefan/album?.dir=/39c4re2 > > 
>>Steve Hauptmann > South Carolina

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