"Bob Postupak"

Gehn Fujii bigverm at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 11:36:47 EDT 2006

Hello everyone,
I don't own an Audi (though my mother drives a '99 A4 Avant 1.8T), though I
write concerning a different matter. I "bought" some seats for a Saab from a
"Bob Postupak" out of "Bethlehem, PA" and have not heard from him for 3
months. I sense a little dishonesty and while doing a little research I
noticed that a few subscribers here might have had similar experiences that
may confirm my suspicions. Below are the posts I stumbled upon, I only wish
I had found them sooner.


What came of these claims? Where do these people stand? I have sent "Bob" an
email requesting the goods or a full refund by the end of September 2006. If
I do not hear from him or receive what is owed I do plan to escalate it to
the proper authorities. I have more money invested than I care to forfeit on
an "oh well" "lesson-learned" notion. Below is the email address and phone
number he gave me.

Bob Postupak
3820 Dewalt St.
Bethlehem, PA 18020
Phone: 610-814-0750
email: crdesignzz at rcn.com

I would greatly appreciate any input you might have. Thank you.

- G.F

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