Heater Core

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Mon Sep 18 20:26:20 EDT 2006

I'm replacing the flaps motor and the blower motor. I am swapping it out of 
a parts car where the parts were brand new. As I was not going to re-install 
anything in the parts car, I used George Sidmans method of just prying the 
whole unit out - took less than 30 mintues. So, the question is, should I 
change out the heater core while I have the whole assy out or just pop the 
whole unit into the other car. How often does the heater core go out? This 
is my 3rd 200 in the 200k mile range and I have yet to lose a heater core. 
Any idea as to cost of heater core? I would think if it is under $100 and 
under an hour extra labor, it might be worth it.

Anyone know off hand what color wires in the drivers door go to the 
passenger window? Mine has quit working but pushing on the wire bundle in 
the drivers door gets the passenger window to work.

mike miller
nothing like 29 deg F, dry twisty roads, and a chipped 200 20v :-) 

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