Heater Core

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Mon Sep 18 23:24:37 EDT 2006

If I had the heater core box out of the car, I'd replace the core.  You can
get one for under $60 at Autohause.az.


If I remember correctly from when I replaced all the wiring in my driver
doorjamb, there's a bunch of red/XXX wires associated with window
operations.  There are Red/Blue, Red/Black, Red/Brown, Red/White, Black/Red
and some assorted yellow wires too.  

You describe symptoms of a breaking wire.  Before I did my wiring, I could
only operate windows and the sunroof with the driver door partway ajar.
All the way open or all the way closed and nothing worked.   When I cut
apart the wiring bundle, almost all the wires had failing insulation.  

I just ran new wires for everything, connecting inside the door and inside
the cabin.  Not too bad a job if you set your mind to it.  I did it with
the car up on jackstands so I could sit close to the opening.  Kneeling or
bending over to do this job would be a real pain.  Now that I have a hoist,
I'd do it standing with the car raised to a comfortable height.

At 06:26 PM 9/18/2006 -0600, Mike Miller wrote:
>I'm replacing the flaps motor and the blower motor. I am swapping it out of 
>a parts car where the parts were brand new. As I was not going to re-install 
>anything in the parts car, I used George Sidmans method of just prying the 
>whole unit out - took less than 30 mintues. So, the question is, should I 
>change out the heater core while I have the whole assy out or just pop the 
>whole unit into the other car. How often does the heater core go out? This 
>is my 3rd 200 in the 200k mile range and I have yet to lose a heater core. 
>Any idea as to cost of heater core? I would think if it is under $100 and 
>under an hour extra labor, it might be worth it.
>Anyone know off hand what color wires in the drivers door go to the 
>passenger window? Mine has quit working but pushing on the wire bundle in 
>the drivers door gets the passenger window to work.

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