Heater Core

Dave C dconner at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 15:33:24 EDT 2006

Hi Mike,
I would definitely replace it unless there is evidence that is relatively

If it is original and 15 years old then it's on borrowed time along with any
other plastic in the cooling system ... radiator, heater valve and/or
overflow tank.  Heater core failure is one of the most unpleasant things
your car can experience.  It can include a flooded interior and a blown head
gasket or warped head.   A coolant flooded interior requires pulling all the
seats and carpet at a minimum to wash and dry the carpet and
underlayment.  $60 and an hour of your time now to r&r the heater core would
be a good investment.
Dave C.

*Mike Miller* WROTE ...

I'm replacing the flaps motor and the blower motor. I am swapping it out of
a parts car where the parts were brand new. As I was not going to re-install
anything in the parts car, I used George Sidmans method of just prying the
whole unit out - took less than 30 mintues. So, the question is, should I
change out the heater core while I have the whole assy out or just pop the
whole unit into the other car. How often does the heater core go out? This
is my 3rd 200 in the 200k mile range and I have yet to lose a heater core.
Any idea as to cost of heater core? I would think if it is under $100 and
under an hour extra labor, it might be worth it.

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