Heater Core

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Head gaskets just don't fail unless the head is overheated and warped.


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> True, they usually do leak at first before dumping all the coolant.  In the
> case of my wife's car, a 1989 100, I don't know how suden it was.  All I
> know is that by the time she alerted me to a problem there was at least a
> gallon of coolant in the interior and the head gasket was blown, not to
> mention the heater core was a goner.
> An Audi specialist told me that sometimes the head gasket is already blown
> and this can cause sudden failure in the cooling system due to exhaust gas
> pressurizing the cooling system . Most other coolling system
> components  were relatively new so the heater core would have been the
> weakest thing left and most likely to blow first.  This is what he thinks
> happened but there's no way to be certain.
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> Dave C.
> On 9/20/06, Schaible, David <David.Schaible at jrspharma.com> wrote:
>> Good advice......the core usually starts leaking b4 it fails in a
>> catastrophic manner and anyone w/ antifreeze smell in interior or on
>> windshield should be on it pronto
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>> Hi Mike,
>> I would definitely replace it unless there is evidence that is
>> relatively
>> new.
>> If it is original and 15 years old then it's on borrowed time along with
>> any
>> other plastic in the cooling system ... radiator, heater valve and/or
>> overflow tank.  Heater core failure is one of the most unpleasant things
>> your car can experience.  It can include a flooded interior and a blown
>> head
>> gasket or warped head.   A coolant flooded interior requires pulling all
>> the
>> seats and carpet at a minimum to wash and dry the carpet and
>> underlayment.  $60 and an hour of your time now to r&r the heater core
>> would
>> be a good investment.
>> Dave C.
>> *Mike Miller* WROTE ...
>> I'm replacing the flaps motor and the blower motor. I am swapping it out
>> of
>> a parts car where the parts were brand new. As I was not going to
>> re-install
>> anything in the parts car, I used George Sidmans method of just prying
>> the
>> whole unit out - took less than 30 mintues. So, the question is, should
>> I
>> change out the heater core while I have the whole assy out or just pop
>> the
>> whole unit into the other car. How often does the heater core go out?
>> This
>> is my 3rd 200 in the 200k mile range and I have yet to lose a heater
>> core.
>> Any idea as to cost of heater core? I would think if it is under $100
>> and
>> under an hour extra labor, it might be worth it.
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