[s-cars] [V8] The end of the Black Mariah?

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I have a converted ar as well. I'm running Bilstein PSS9's with custom
suspension mount spacers. The ar suspension Geometry is a bit different from
A6/S6/RS6. RMcQ is running KW V1's with the spring seats adjusted as high as
possible. Even after adjusting my vehicles height to the limit(and, BTW,
beyond the recommended Suspension settings), my car was still to low.

There's another fellow out there running the $4K Stasis Motorsport

1992 S4 RS2'd
2001 Black MT6 allroad

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Thanks for the info.

RMcQ's article on the coilover conversion is here:

It doesn't look all that bad to convert the suspension- however, it looks
getting the self-leveling sensors to not cause a suspension fault light to
come on
when the car is loaded is an issue, as is the compressor.

This would make a 6-speed allroad a really tempting used car prospect-
cargo capacity, safety. That would be a really nice daily driver with 420hp.


On 9/27/06, Chris Palmer <ca_palmer at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Taka,
> Someone on the Audifans allroad forum did this and has
> documented there most of what he did. I don't believe he
> used an S6 suspension.
> regards,
> Chris Palmer
> 95.5 S6 Avant
> 04 allroad 2.7T 6spd
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