Pilot bearings

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Fri Sep 29 16:21:26 EDT 2006

Finally, after virtual hours (spread over several days) of struggling with
this process, I managed to pull the pilot bearing from the 200q20v avant
I've been fighting to replace the throwout bearing/clutch/rear main seal,
etc.   No wonder the "hydraulic plunge with wheel bearing grease" wouldn't
drive it out.  In this pix:
the one I pulled is on the left.  It has no "bottom".  Very little surface
for the hydraulic plunger system to work on.   The replacement has a
"bottom" with a tiny hole in it.   My original "pilot bearing puller"
wouldn't reach far enough inside to hook on the back lip.  The front lip
just distorted.  I ended up getting another puller with longer legs that
would reach the inner lip, but only after I ground a sharp ledge into the
legs.  Were all OEM pilot bearings the bottomless type?

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