Pilot bearings

Steve Hauptmann vwaudiporschefan at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 29 22:57:31 EDT 2006

My '91 200 20v's original pilot bearing was a "closed end" type like your picture. I too had some difficulty getting it out when I replaced it ~80k miles ago. 
  The way I got mine out may offend many of the purist types. So if anything on your Audi should only be done as the Audi engineers intended....be sure your sitting down before you continue. 
  I took a thin flat blade screwdriver, placed it inside the release bearing against the end, and smacked it with a hammer and punched it out. Went around the circumfrence like that until the end was completly out and pulled out the end w/ needle nose. Then I was able to use a puller like Nick described. Of course I wasn't clever enough to make my own tool, so I modified the one I had.  
  Anyway, there is what I did. YMMV, but at least it WAS broke when I fixed it. =)
  Steve Hauptmann
  South Carolina
Kneale Brownson <kneale at coslink.net> wrote:
  Anyone else seen pilot bearings with the closed end like the one on the
right in this picture: http://www.pbase.com/kneale_brownson/image/67722814
? Should I find one like the one I pulled rather than use the closed-end
one? I do have a concern I might not ever get the closed-end one out.
It's front lip is plastic and there's nothing inside to grab with a puller. 

At 04:53 PM 9/29/2006 -0400, nick lawrence wrote:

>On Fri, 29 Sep 2006 16:21:26 -0400, Kneale Brownson 
Were all OEM pilot bearings the bottomless type?
>I don't think I have ever seen one with an end.
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