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Sat Sep 30 16:06:38 EDT 2006

like we're having a different thing going on.  While I do get some smoke 
sometimes right at "startup," or when the cars is cold, the problem I 
encountered the other day happened after the car sat and idled in traffic 
for upwards of a half-an-hour.  The "cold" smoke is what I'd say is typical 
for a relatively rich running cold-start car.  The other "startup" smoke 
usually occurs when restarting a warm car after it's sat for half an hour to 
an hour.  I've never had the oil burning/smoking condition that I described 
the other day happen outside of the "idleing a warmed up car for more than 
10-15 minutes in traffic" situation.  Again that's only happened three 
times, and again every time it was after idleing in shitty Seattle traffic 
for longer than normal periods of time.

And your oil conusmption is substantially more favorable than mine...I'm at 
a quart/500-miles or so.

Derek P

>Bought the car in early May, put almost 12k on it since then. At the time i
>was commuting 160 rt plus normal everyday runs!
>Previous owner (ebay deal!) stated the car had sat for about six months and
>didn't have this issue prior. Upon picking it up i worked on it for several
>weeks clearing up vacuam line issues and all the other typical 44 problems
>(to include TB and WP). Fairly well sorted out now, excepting the smokey 
>situation. (Now i just need to install the chips i got from Ben S.!)
>Oil consumption is less than a quart over 3 to 4k. Car has almost 230K so 
>overly concerned with losing a quart! No oil leaks..
>Little difficult to bite my tongue on the oil overfill comment. Was a
>mechanic by trade (2 yr degree), still do my own work at home. Third type 
>sold my chipped 87 5000 to my son with almost 400k, my 90 200TQ i still 
>with almost 320k... Rehabbed a 5000 for one of my sons that i'd bought as a
>parts car with a supposed bad trans, turned out to be a simple linkage
>issue...  But, thinking i did give limited info for you to work
>Posted this problem quite some time ago... Only smokes when cold, once warm
>there's no smoke. No smoke on decel/back on the throttle. So, smoke is not
>vacuam dependent. Had pulled the mm house and ic after it was smoking, no
>great amount of oil present. If it was the cold side i would have seen some
>oil. If it was the seals it woud most likely leak all the time.
>As previously stated, need to get it loaded up at idle and pull the down 
>and or turbo and see if there's any telltale signs... (probably should do 
>soon, NY is getting a little cooler and it's a PITA to work in the garage!)
>Cheers, Eric
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>Subject: Burning Oil?
>You don't mention how long you have had your problem and you don't mention
>how much oil consumption you are having so I can't say if your problem is
>related to what Derek is experiencing.  If your problem is fairly recent 
>no noticeable oil consumption then I would suspect that you may have your 
>level too high.  Having the oil level too high will give you the exact
>symptoms that you are describing.  This is common situation especially 
>changing the oil and is easily solved by draining some oil out of the 
>Jeff B.

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