Springs revisited (again)

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Nothing happening yet! I usually like to do my research BEFORE I make a
change, never mind the fact I'm getting married in two weeks (again!),
trying to sell my house, and just sold the other 200 20V which I'm getting
ready for Canadian import!

My point of reference for "handling" was my first 87 5000cs. Cornered very
flat and rode decent. the 200 10v after that I had installed completely new
suspension: struts/strut bearings, control arms, sub fame bushings, tie
rods, rear links, etc, etc. That car felt the same as my 20v, large road
dips at speed tended to create a lot of front end dive, and also a good
amount of body lean while cornering. Now wondering if the 87 had V8 springs
are something similar as it wasn't lowered, felt a lot better, and did come
from a past employee of Shokan.

Had emailed a lister who had advertised a set of S6 H&R's on the market
place. Had hoped to get some dimensions from the  S6 H&R's to see unloaded
height difference between them and stock... but seeing as no reply with two
messages sent I'll assume they're gone, or he didn't want to really sell

Will keep the list posted as this project progresses!

Cheers, Eric

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Eric, What's happening with you on this thread?


One more point. If you lower the 200 beyond the original SRH you will
be plagued with excessive negative camber.

On Mar 29, 2007, at 7:20 AM, Eric Huppert wrote:

> Okay Gents, this is always a hot topic, yet I haven't really
> figured out a
> solution!
> Want to get springs for my 200 20V that DON'T lower it. Living in
> upstate
> NY, (not in suburbia) I really want to keep my ground clearance for
> the
> occasional snow storms (2 times 2 footers this year). Springs I
> have are
> somewhat beat, little wishy washy in road dips etc, and don't
> believe it's
> the struts. Going to be installing a tower brace, tires, and
> alignment, so
> figure it's now, or way later. Would obviously do struts if replacing
> springs
Eric, Springs don't "get beat" with useage. The spring rate does not
change, unless they break. Only the SRH changes because of time and
load related stress relieving. This SRH reduction can easily be
compensated for by shimming, adding rubber washers to the original
shim. Struts do wear out, the rebound damping being the critical
factor. An underdamped  rebound system will overshoot  the return to
SRH, with tires tending to bounce off the pavement.  So, change the
springs only if you wish to move to a different spring rate. Do
change your shocks but they 2must match to the spring rate, over
damped is not good either.

> Jim Rose had suggested possibly using S6 springs. Anyone have specs
> for 200
> 20v vs. S6 springs? Have surfed quite a bit, haven't found anything
> on stock
> or aftermarket spring specs. Would like a little stiffer, same
> height, or
> close to it. Could possibly trim springs down without affecting
> tempering
> (cut-off wheel, lots of cool water) if needed?
> Saw a set of S6 H&R's on the MP, maybe wouldn't drop 200 as much
> due to
> weight difference?
> Thoughts? (okay, flame away!)
> Eric
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