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It could be a MAF sensor that is going bad.  I had this happen to my car and it seemed to get progressively worse over time until it would hardly run.  Never gave any codes that indicated that it was going bad so it was not diagnosed until it got so bad that the O2 sensor showed that it was out of limits.  Put in a new MAF sensor two months ago and the car runs great now.

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Trying to correct a rich running car-
Stock 3B although running RS2 turbo and EM and software.
In the past year or so I have replaced the coolant temp sensor in back
of head and fuel pressure regulator.  I pressure tested the system
recently and the F5DPOR (I think thats correct) plugs, cap and rotor
have less than 20k miles on them.  
I plan to swap in some different injectors in the next couple days.
Other than software - what else would cause rich running?  

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