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Find out who the manufactures the parts....

My Meyle control arms rusted soon after I installed them (91 200)
The Meyle control arms on the emerald S6 are less than two years old 
and the inner bushings are already shot.
the Meyle  strut mounts I installed in my CQ didn't last 10k miles 
before collapsing...

Ask for Moog,Trw, Febi-Bilstein, Lemfoerder, Boge-Sachs...(and pay 
the price difference)

ALOT of the "commodity" parts from the Worldpac and other suppliers 
is now made in the cheaper price comes a lower quality...

Scott Mockry will find out for you who made the parts...
I was going to buy a type 44 Meyle heater core from him...I asked him 
if he knew if it was made in he did some research.
His response to me: "I wouldn't put that core in my car"

I ended up paying half again as much when I ordered the parts from 
Mac at Clair Parts Connection..
but if you consider the labor involed in the R&R, it was worth the 
price difference for the piece of mind...

Caveat emptor.


Mance Etheridge has also had some bad experiences and shared some of 
his research on Audiworld:

<>For those who 
believe in Santa Claus (or that Meyle parts are made in Germany)...
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First off Meyle is a German company but the big question remains as 
to how/why a German company might offer such bargain basement prices 
on anything they claim to manufacture for German cars. Bottom line is 
they can't. What they do instead is rely solely on importing 
complete, "ready-to-install" parts wholly manufactured in China to 
Germany then label them as German parts. But we're not alone in 
getting that good old Meyle part. Meyle is also an OEM parts supplier 
to the likes of Hyundai & Daewoo (you are the company you keep). 
Observation* You think owners of those cars believe they're getting 
"real-deal" Korean-made OEM parts like we do about German parts when 
buying Meyle?

Far as I can tell the Meyle Company has no manufacturing plant or 
production facility. Just compnay offices, warehouses and 
distribution centers. Wonder how/where they "manufacture" these 
so-called "german" parts?

Ten minutes Googling netted dozens and dozens of parts made in 
mainland China that specifically mention one of their largest 
importers being "Meyle" in Germany. I've enclosed a link to one such 
place but I could've linked to another 15-20 before getting to page 3 
at Google. The REALLY funny thing in all this is Meyle doesn't want 
you to find this information while the Chinese, bless their hearts, 
are SO proud of it they can't keep quiet about it! Another 
interesting snippet is when I do a reverse-search using Sachs/Boge, 
Bosch etc I can't find even one Chinese company listing it exports 
finished parts to them.

First thing you have to know is no German company on the planet is 
going to manufacture stuff in-house then make it available to the US 
for 20% of any German part's price its imitating. But enough of my 
preaching. If anyone wants a Meyle widget and it makes em all warm & 
runny inside thinking they got the deal of the century on a quality 
German part by buying into the ruse then good luck. There's nothing 
on the planet that can't be made cheaper and of lesser quality if 
that's "your" bottom line.

It's all been done before. The Sam Walton School of Applied 
Capitalism is alive and flourishing even in Europe today!
    * <>One of Meyle's Chinese 

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At 03:24 PM 4/9/2007 -0700, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>Looking for new track control arm kits (arms, bushings, fasteners), 
>I'm told by a dealer source they're basically about to become NLA 
>products for our cars.  They want $333 for each.  Their prices for 
>all the front end bushings and rubber mountings runs to just under a 
>grand.  And that's supposed to be a discounted cost.
>   Of course, they want $93 for a multifunction temperature sender, 
> which is more than three times what Autohausaz gets.  Can there be 
> a difference in these senders?
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