Another turbo lost

Brian Larson brian.erin at
Tue Apr 10 00:08:09 EDT 2007

Well, on the way to work this morning I think lost a turbo (I hope it is not
a head gasket!).  207k miles, and stock boost.

I started the car and was gently driving the first block from home, it was
maybe 20 degrees F and I noticed a little smoke.  The smoke increased
greatly when I was on the throttle the next 2-3 blocks,and so I returned
home and parked it.

Oh well, I will throw a good used k26/6 I have laying around on it and see
if that fixes the problem.  If not, at least the turbo hardware will come
off easily when I do the head gasket.

Driving an old audi like this is made a lot easier by that rusty gmc 4x4 in
the driveway to get me to work.  And since the truck is no fun to drive, it
will motivate me to get the car fixed sooner rather than later!


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