Ignition switch problems

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Tue Apr 10 21:32:33 EDT 2007


The mechanical finger that extends from the lock cylinder into the 
ignition switch has probably sheared off  as well as your ignition 
switch has failed.

For the time being, so  you can still drive the car, you could 
purchase a new ignition switch , remove the knee bar, pull the 
harness off the ignition switch from underneath and disconnect it 
from the bad switch , insert the new switch into the harness, and use 
a screw driver to start/run the car.

Make sure you at least lock the doors when you get out of the car 
because at this point, anyone could start and drive your car ...

When you _do_ have the time...to replace the switch and the cylinder 
( budget about 4-6 hours) do the following...
Be happy that this didn't happen to you on the way home from the 
hospital with a wife and a newborn ( as it did for me)


BTW, do NOT put any kind of lubrication on the steering column joint 
that slides into the dashboard support...some folks have had to drill 
a hole and insert a small screw to prevent the column from sliding 
back and forth after re assembly.

You will need a new ignition lock cylinder from Audi.
It will come with new keys, which of course won't be the same as your 
existing keys.

A competent locksmith will be able to get the kit (with replacement 
armored collar) to re key the ignition lock to match your existing key.
You'll save time and money if you bring him/her the old & new parts...

Good luck...


At 06:07 PM 4/10/2007 -0400, Tdehoff at aol.com wrote:
>My 91 200 just developed the following problem.  The ignition 
>switch  appears to no longer function.  The steering wheel lock 
>doesn't engage, the electrical circuit is energized and there is no 
>way to turn it off at the  switch.  You can turn the switch from the 
>fully off position to the start  position without anything 
>happening.  All detents are gone,  Surely  someone else 
>hasexperienced this issue before.  What is the  solution?  Any and 
>all advice is welcomed.
>Iowa 91 200 175K
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