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Ben Swann benswann at
Thu Apr 12 02:12:15 EDT 2007

PITA - Mine just did the same thing - almost.  Mine broke off just before the
switch, and I can engage and disengage the steering lock, but not the Ign.


I removed the switch - you need to pull out the instrument cluster and access
the two tiny painted over screws that hold it in.  The switch will break if
not done right - Yeah I did it wrong, so had to buy a new switch.  I still had
to go in and loosen the screws after I busted it - then it came out easily. 


I presently have the new switch hanging and wire tied and use a shorty flat
screwdriver to turn the ignition switch - this is now key number 2.  The main
key only serves to lock and unlock the steering column. 


The procedure to R/R the lock cylinder is difficult, and I'll be operating the
car like this for some time until I can get to it.  That will be after I
replace the now shredded clutch which upon failure did something to one of the
speed sensors so the car won't start.  Towed home and clutch, timing belt and
a bunch of other stuff is in store.  You'll definitely need to refer to the
Bentley procedure to do this job which pretty much requires the steering
column to be removed in order to punch out the lock cylinder retaining pin.


I'm down to two running Audis out of four - a '91 200 TQ sedan - my wife's and
the '90 Coupe Q that needs to now be inspected and registered as the UrQ is
still in final stages of the new engine install.  I was hoping the clutch
would hold out until I got the UrQ running, but no such luck.  300 HP from the
chip and wategate spring mod hastened the demise of the clutch which must have
been abused by a prior owner.


The Coupe Q is not as  fast - yet, but at least looks good - the future ES2
conversion - AAN is on the stand:





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My 91 200 just developed the following problem.  The ignition switch  appears 

to no longer function.  The steering wheel lock doesn't engage, the  

electrical circuit is energized and there is no way to turn it off at the

You can turn the switch from the fully off position to the start  position 

without anything happening.  All detents are gone,  Surely  someone else has 

experienced this issue before.  What is the  solution?  Any and all advice is 




Iowa 91 200 175K]

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