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Unless one of the flywheel pins broke off and they need to remove the
transmission, this should not be a $500 job.  Thanks them for the diags. And
tow the car home and replace with good used sensor - I have some if you can't
find them.


My failing clutch just resulted in the same problem.


Now keep in mind that at some point very soon, you need to do a clutch job, so
maybe a good idea to have all of this done at the same time.  R/R of the
sensors will simply be one task in the whole job.


Don't know what the glowing manifold problem is, but suspect you have a lean
condition - may or may not be related, but really you need to get the no start
condition resolved, then pull codes again.  You likely have a boost leak or
popped hose somewhere - that probably caused the car to stall and the lean
condition and the flywheel sensor prevented you from starting again.  Compound
problems, and dealer will obviously charge a lot to fix.  You may not have a
choice at this point, but make sure they fix everything for the high charges.


Let us know what you do and what the actual resolution is.  Get yourself a
VAG-COM setup from Ross-Tech and a laptop, or find someone who has it.  You'll
be needing it more than you think.




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Obtained my second 200q20v avant last month; 207k miles, paid 4k. Pearl on

black sport, nice shape cosmetically.

Screaming clutch TO bearing held up during the 1k mile drive to NH from MI.

Week or two after short commuting, seemed to be running rich (20 MPG,

occasional fuel smell).

Changed oil, hit the highway, WOT from the toll booth then sudden loss of


Kept running under very low power for several seconds. Tried giving it more

gas with little effect; noticed boost readout was erratic- eg, 1.6 then

1.7 then 0.2 all within a second or two. Pulled over, it stalled. Would turn

over but no start. Popped hood, noticed exhaust manifold was glowing red daylight.

Been suspecting turbo was burning oil, since I'd notice oil smoke coming

from that side of hood after WOT runs and it was making a max of 1.6 bar

boost and turbine louder than last 200q20v.

No Audi specialists within reasonable tow range, so it went to the stealer

(I know, I know)

Stealer said they "pulled tons of codes", then said they spent 2 hours

trying to diagnose no-start but couldn't.

Administered mild verbal abuse to tech rep.

Next day, they claimed the crankshaft position sensor isn't putting out a

signal and asked me to authorize $500 to replace it.

Asked them if they're SURE the CPS is responsible for no-start condition;

they said yes. Have my doubts, but time will tell...

CPS due to be installed tomorrow.

If CPS is truly bad, would it have resulted in the red-hot exhaust manifold?

Wondering if anyone has any input.


1991 200tq20v Avant 209k]

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